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Training, Health and Safety.

The requirement for competence requires that operators are trained and certified by a person who holds proof of competency as a trainer. Aerial Platform Hire Ltd. can offer training on Mobile Elevating Work Platforms such as Diesel and Electric Booms and Scissors lifts. Our training staff have been trained by and are registered with the Construction Industry Training Board in Great Britain. Employers who have staff trained by Aerial Platform Hire are also eligible for training grants from FAS for part of the cost provided that certain criteria are met. Various training courses are available both on site and at our premises in Mallow and Clane, catering for all categories from novice to experienced operator.

Many supervisors and managers in construction and industry have to control staff that use mobile elevating work platforms as part of their regular work. We can tailor specialist training courses to give supervisory staff the knowledge they need to ensure that mobile elevating work platforms are used productively and safely.

To enquire about training dates and times you can e-mail us at training @


Legal requirements for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms according to the Safety, Health and Welfare (Construction) Regulations 2001.

All control functions must be clearly marked.
The safe working load of the platform must be clearly marked. The operator must not exceed the stated safe working load.
A sign showing the maximum number of people allowed on the machine must be fitted and more people than this will not be allowed on the platform.
All Mobile Elevating Work Platforms must be proof tested before being put into use and a certificate signed by the person making the test be supplied with the machine.
All Mobile Elevating Work Platforms must be thoroughly examined by a competent person at least once every six months and a certificate of thorough examination signed by the person making the examination supplied with the machine.
Machine operators must be competent persons who have attained eighteen years of age.
All Mobile Elevating Work Platforms must be inspected by the operator, if competent, or if he is not competent, by some other person who is competent, at least once a week and a report signed by the person the examination made on the approved form.
To enquire about training dates and times you can e-mail us at training @
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