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Technical Data
Machine Dimensions
Platform Height 18.05m Platform Size 0.69m x 1.34m
Horizontal Outreach 9.20m Stowed Width (with platform) 1.48m
Up & Over Height 8.2m Stowed Width (without platform) 0.795m
Swing (non continuous) 360° Stowed Height 1.99m
Platform Capacity - 2 persons 230kg Stowed Length 5.0m
Outrigger Footprint 2.92m x 2.93m Outrigger Footprint 2.92m x 2.93m
Maximum Ground Bearing Pressure 3,04 daN/cm2 (outriggers)    
Maximum Ground Bearing Pressure 0,64 daN/cm2 (tracks)
Drive Speed 1.3 km/h
Gradeability 28%
Type of Tracks McLaren Low Pro Black Rubber
Track Size 1.46m x 0.2m x 0.35m
Maximum Operating Slope 12°
Max. Approach / Depart angles 20°
Width of Undercarriage - Retracted 0.79m
Width of Undercarriage - Extended 1.09m
AC Electric Motor 2.2 KW 50Hz 230V
Engine Honda iGX440, 11kw Petrol
Machine Weight (standard platform) 2,840 kgs
Operating Weight (petrol engine) 2,880 kgs
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